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EmoAid Self Help Program

“EmoAid has proved to be a first aid to my emotions. With it, I got to experience my emotions in a way like I lived it thoroughly. I was also able to tackle my negative emotions and learn the techniques that could help me in the long run. Its really the first time I felt acknowledged for my emotions to this extent. This programme is really going to do wonders in the lives of many people.”
“I was a bit apprehensive about the EmoAid sessions, as the thought of self-work in a group setting and being vulnerable made me quite uncomfortable. But the way they were carried out and the safe space that was created helped me get in touch with how I’m feeling and what I can do in situations when I feel distressed. Surprisingly I have found myself practicing breathwork and tapping when I was distressed and just trying to sleep.”

EFT Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Training

“I did a 3 day training program with Dr Shilpa. Today after the third session, when we learnt almost as much as we had to in a 3 day training session and we did our swaps, I got rid of physical pain. I could not have imagined that being done without medicines. Apart from that, it helped me catch myself and the way I think. I feel like a new person, very fresh, and like a flower that has blossomed. ”


“The internship was so insightful and interesting. I loved how each session gives you something or the other to ponder upon. The observational sessions were something I learnt a lot from. All we’ve been taught at college makes so much sense by just observing cases and all this works out. With each session I was intrigued about almost every topic we used to do. These sessions have given me a lot. I am more sensitive and inclusive.”
“I was expecting a practical exposure and learning out of this internship, but it not only gave me that, it gave me so much more. It exceeded all my expectations. All the professionals are so welcoming and polite, you can actually feel sincerity with which all the sessions and activities are conducted. I love the team’s energy. Thanks for being such amazing mentors. I love being here and thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom!”


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