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Fiction – Wanting an Escape from Reality

“Ah fiction, what a lovely escape”,
is what you say.

But what will you do?
When your fictional soulmate isn’t here to save the day?

Will you try your best to shift realities?
Or, will you sleep on all your problems?

Will you stare blankly at a wall?
and wish someone else would solve them?

You say your favourite fictional world is where you belong,
why then is it this sad reality, in which you were born?

Fiction is an escape, as they all say.
Well today, my heroes came and saved the day.

The butterflies surrounded me and tapped until the pain was washed off.
And if you wait, soon the butterflies will come and make you remember only the good times.

The pain, all washed off.

– by Maahira Mahajan.

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