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Become the Master of your own emotions with EmoAid

Taking care of your Emotional and Mental Health is just as important as taking care of your Physical Health!! Considering our busy schedule with work, business, family and deadlines, we are not even thinking of sparing some time for our mental and emotional well being and end up with stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and so on.

I am Hemant Swarnkar and would like to share my experience with EmoAid (Emotional First Aid).

I have been struggling from a high temper problem since a very long time and also tried to overcome and manage this issue but I would say I disappointed myself. I was then referred by one of best friends to get in touch with EmoAid as I was dealing with huge ups and down in my life lately.

So, I decided to join EmoAid, the so called first aid for our emotional well being and honestly speaking it helps me a lot to deal with my current situation, handling anger and to avoid negativity in our surroundings.

 The techniques that the EmoAid team is teaching to deal with negativity, anger and to create a positive environment for you and your loved ones is very practical and easy to perform anytime anywhere. I am practicing some of these techniques daily and some of them when needed- and honestly speaking they are working for me.

Now I know how to switch on my happy mode when things are not going as they should be, how to appreciate myself and also others when needed.There are many ways and techniques I have learned with the EmoAid team within a very short span of time and I will definitely suggest my friends and family to learn and practice the same if they are also dealing with some mental trauma in their life.

I would love to continue my journey with EmoAid family to understand more about Emotional health and how we can master in this!!

– by Hemant Swarnkar.

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