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Like many busy, successful adults that we know, I was in charge of many things in my life. But the one thing that I was not in charge of was my emotions. Repeatedly in life I faced situations where my emotions got the better of me and my reaction to people, situations and relationships was based on my inability to feel and react to my emotions and feelings in a balanced manner.

To the outside world I was very happy but within me I was emotionally so dependent and it actually led me to a situation where I was unable to handle even the normal day to day interactions without feeling anxiety and stress.

Here I must add that there were several factors which contributed to this situation including others.

But then isn’t that the reality of life that we are surrounded by others and situations where there is more than us involved. And we cannot control how others feel and behave. The only single thing that is within our own hands and control is how we feel and react to our emotions.

This is where EmoAid came in for me.

The workshop has taught me to acknowledge, accept and react to my emotions and feelings in a manner that I choose to.

I have learnt to separate myself from my feelings and have seen how following the techniques taught at EmoAid have changed my reactions completely and I now have the power to engage with situations or simply walk away from them. This feeling of being in control of yourself gives you so much power, a strong inner confidence, peace of mind and an emotional balance. These things are invaluable. 


Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

In these times when we are all elusively searching for that “Me”, when we are aiming for that picture perfect insta life, when everything about our existence is about that outward projection, EmoAid is that opportunity that gives you the chance to pause and relearn about that one thing that should be the most important to you in this world…that is you, yourself.

-by Kavitta B Bedi.

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