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My Emotional Awareness

When we talk about well- being, we often do not consider mental health as a major part of it. Though in recent years there is great significance and understanding of mental health, we still lack skills to manage it. We know certain skills and techniques to keep our physical health effective but we still lack the understanding of emotional health. Our emotional wellbeing requires us to manage and regulate our emotions effectively and also to better be able to understand the feelings of others around us. In search of a course that can help me to better understand my emotional wellbeing, I came across the EmoAid Program.

           I was fascinated by the course and enrolled myself. It was a great learning experience. I learned some effective and valuable activities that helped me to explore myself better. I became more reflective in terms of what I was feeling, in which part of the body and the intensity of that feeling. It helped me gain insight into my bodily experiences and that something needed to be done. Exercises like Breathing, Butterfly Tapping, Healthy Stroke Economy, Body Tapping, and many others helped me. Whenever I experienced negative emotions, I knew which exercise to practice and it helped to a great extent.

          The program focuses not just on managing self but also others around us and the environment which is causing the disturbance. All three aspects form our ecosystem where we individuals are situated centrally and this program helps us to manage the layers around us of the event, people around us including the self efficiently.

           I extend my regards and warmth to the entire team for designing a program that helped me to understand myself and also manage my interpersonal relationships more effectively. 

-by Vaishnavi Rai.

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