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I still remember my first session of EmoAid where I was clueless about why I was attending it. I just knew that I wanted to learn more about myself, my emotions and feelings that would help me as I go forward. With that intention in my mind, I started my journey with EmoAid. Here I am after finishing six weeks and writing this.

          Have you ever felt restless? You might or might not have. The feeling of restlessness in me roots back from my initial days in my college. From August 2019 to just before the lockdown started, it’s a time I would never want to forget. It was something I had never ever experienced and was one of the most beautiful experiences of personal growth. But alongside these instances of growth, there was something I still had to figure out. There was “I”, I still had to figure out. I still am on the journey of it and it is endless. Each and every moment of my life, even if it was completely mundane, had built upon that sense of “I”. Still, there were things I had to figure out, have to figure out. Those six months of my first year taught me a lot about “I” and a small part of it was my feeling of restlessness. Though in the moment of various situations I felt like it was the situation that was evoking this feeling, but later I realised that it had become a part of me. It found it’s home in my cute little belly. In my first two sessions, whenever I got a chance to reflect on what feeling I felt, it was always a feeling of restlessness in my stomach. That further made me think about why it was happening and I just couldn’t figure out. Maybe it was just a part of me? But then how do I deal with it and especially the negative emotions it brought with itself? And that is when EmoAid just dropped on me like pixie dust. It bridged the gap for me between being clueless as to why I was attending and to knowing how to deal with my emotions even in the smallest of situations on a day to day basis that might evoke negative emotions. It gave me the practical tools to deal with situations and to get myself present to the “I”. It taught me how to not let my emotions be a hindrance in my path of growth and rather be a strength.

Photo by J Garget via Pixabay

 So, my feeling of restlessness, though it has decreased tremendously, it still is a part of me and will always be. Now I’ve just known how it can be a companion rather than an enemy. I have across my journey with EmoAid realised how to grow with it, and with every other emotion.

-by Eeshna Gupta.




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