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EmoAid: A Life-Changing Experience

The technology era has made humans unstoppable machines and disturbs the work/life equilibrium. The rat race lifestyle changes the paradigm of human emotions, from peace and positivity to stress and anxiety. The stress and anxiety take a heavy toll on emotional and mental health. Therefore, it’s important to understand emotional health.

We are living in a period of uncertainty, where unexpected things are likely to happen. Our mind is a pool of negative and positive emotions, whatever we feed it, it behaves in the same manner. Thus, we need to equip the brain in such a way that it strengthens positive emotions and eliminates negative emotions, which can be achieved by incorporating coping techniques.

An emotionally healthy person is able to control their thoughts, understand their behaviour and feelings. These techniques help to develop the ability to deal with stress and the challenges of everyday life.

Photo by Guilherme Almeida from Pexels

The key ingredient of emotional health is self-care, self-acceptance, self-awareness, kindness, compassion and coping skills. It’s very important to incorporate these ingredients in everyday life to boost emotional well being.

The EmoAid workshop is a life-changing experience. I was too entangled in a mesh of unwanted thoughts which slowed down my effectiveness and productivity. Practicing EmoAid techniques enabled me to deal with all sorts of changes and to cope with adversity.

-by Ankita Chaurasia.

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